See the electricity price of the future and lower yours electricity cost with our hourly rate agreement

Through revolutionary AI, you get the opportunity to control your electricity consumption to days and hours when electricity is cheapest. Nibela gives you flexible prices and shows you the electricity price for the entire coming week. You get insights, analyzes and tips to reduce your electricity consumption and can thus make an effective plan for the week's electricity use.

Download Nibela and let us lower your electricity bill.


Reduce your electricity costs with a time-based pricing agreement.

Monthly fee - 39 SEK/month

  • Nibela AB offers an electricity contract based on Nord Pool's hourly spot price. It gives you the opportunity to plan your electricity consumption during the times when electricity is most affordable, which in turn can lead to significant savings on your electricity costs. Through our hourly pricing, you can make more thoughtful and economical purchases of electricity.
  • Renewable energy
  • Lowest price guarantee

The spot price today: today's electricity price per kWh
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A complete app for your electricity consumption

Make your everyday life more efficient

Our goal is not for you to use less electricity, our goal is to help you use electricity at the right times. This way you get control over your electricity costs. You get:

Control and planning of your devices directly in the app

Tips on times when electricity is cheapest

Warnings in case of unnecessary and high electricity use

This is how Nibela lowers your costs and helps you take control of your electricity use

Consumption overview

Follow your electricity consumption in real time, identify trends and receive tailored recommendations to optimize your energy use. Our AI solution learns and helps you optimize from the outside your conditions

Smart scheduling

Start the washing machine and charge the electric car when electricity is cheapest. You schedule and Nibela automatically takes care of the rest. Should the electricity price go up, Nibela pauses the charging and waits to start the washing.

Monthly budget

Nibela helps you set and keep your monthly budget. You receive notifications that help you manage consumption and keep your electricity costs down by using electricity when it is most beneficial for you.

common questions

How does the exchange take place?

When you choose Nibela's electricity contract, the supplier change happens automatically, so you don't have to do anything. We take care of the entire process for you. If you have a remaining commitment period on your current electricity contract, we will wait until it has expired before making the switch. In this way, you avoid unnecessary termination fees from your current electricity company.

I have a long commitment period left, can I still switch to you?

You can always switch to us even if you have a remaining commitment period on your current electricity contract. We do not terminate ongoing agreements, but only terminate them. When the binding period has expired, you will automatically switch to Nibela.

I have switched to Nibela but I still receive an invoice from my network provider, why?

In order to get electricity to your electrical outlets, you need to have an agreement both with an electricity supplier (such as Nibela) and with the network owner in your area. As a customer, you always pay two fees for your electricity: one to the electricity supplier for the amount of electricity you consume and one to the network owner to transport the electricity to your home. Sweden is divided into four network areas, each with a specific network owner. The network owner owns the electricity lines in your area and has exclusive rights to the electricity transport there. Your network fee with the network owner is constant regardless of which electricity supplier you choose, and which network owner you have depends on where you live.

Is there a marketplace that the price is based on?

Yes, we buy electricity from the largest electricity exchange in the Nordics called Nord Pool. Here you will find a link to it